BREAKING: Red Light Cameras Voted Out of Los Angeles Intersections by Police Commission

June 7, 2011

Jay Beeber of Sherman Oaks, CA has been hard at work and it paid off in a big way today when the Los Angeles Police Commission voted to completely dismantle the city’s red light camera program.

Before the vote, Jay and some citizens from various parts of Los Angeles spoke out against the red light scameras. <read more>


Court Fraud Protested Around the World

June 7, 2011

Liberty activists in Phoenix danced in support of Saturday’s “Dance Party @ TJ’s,” which was the reaction to this court case by Mary Oberwetter against the National Park Service for her unlawful arrest, that was upheld by the US Court of Appeals on May 17th.

Adam Kokesh, liberty activist, former congressional candidate from New Mexico and now television news host held a “dancing” demonstration against the ridiculous ruling that silent dancing is somehow not only “disturbing the peace,” but an arrestable offense. Of course, he too was arrested by something called Park Police, which sounds more like a square on a monopoly board than a law enforcement agency.

It’s bad enough when your government wants to profit off of your innate right to travel by videotaping your every move behind the wheel with scameras, but trying to control body movements too?  This abuse of the 1st and 4th amendments was enough to cause an outbreak of dance parties all over the US and even other parts of the world.

Friend of CameraFRAUD, and Phoenix photographer Adam Nollmeyer was in the crowd on Saturday to capture the action.

This is just another reminder how precious our constitutional rights are and that freedom comes with a price.

Courtesy of Adam Nollmeyer,

Mandatory “Black Boxes” to be Installed in All New Cars

June 1, 2011

Who needs a speed camera when your car will just alert the local police when you’ve been allegedly exceeding the speed limit?

The US Auto industry, which is gasping for air as we speak, has just been given a mandate by the Federal Gov’t which may finally kill it.


Per mandate, any car built or sold in the US will have one of these installed starting June 1, 2011




Redflex Speed Camera Causes Serious Collision; Rendered Inoperable

June 1, 2011

Does this look like a safe location for a large metal, flashing object? Shoulders are there for a reason.

Arizona saw a few documented accidents caused by freeway speed cameras and scamera vans. Last week a similar accident happened in Sioux City, IA.

<read more>

Overworked Speed Cam Operator Drives Double the Speed Limit, Gets Fired

May 26, 2011

Not only are speed camera vendors operating one of the most wide-reaching scams across the world, but they’re also endangering employees and motorists with their negligence.

A man who has a medical condition which requires him to take heavy medication, but still works 12 hour shifts as a speed cam operator, reportedly got behind the wheel in a completely dazed state and proceeded to drive double the speed limit, SEVERAL times.

<read more>

Seattle Radio Host Grills American Traffic Solutions Exec over “W Howard” Controversy

May 20, 2011

This is certainly getting out of control for ATS. In an attempt to smooth things over in the Seattle area about the W Howard “sockpuppetry” and other astro-turfing attempts, another ATS VP agreed to an interview by Dori Monson on KIRO 97.3 FM.

<read more>

Redflex Legalizes Grand Theft Auto

May 4, 2011

The truth finally comes out. Redflex didn’t just want to video tape your car as it travels down the road and through intersections. They want to help themselves and have your car!

<read more>

Los Angeles City Council Could End Red Light Camera Program

April 25, 2011

American Traffic Solutions could be out of another major city, if the people of Los Angeles make their voices heard.

One man whose voice is being heard and hitting the airwaves is Jay Beeber, of Safer Streets LA. He was interviewed on KABC this month and his sentiments about red light cameras sound very familiar. Jay advocates the true method of making intersections safer, which is longer yellow light times.

<read more>

Nationwide Red Light Camera Backlash Featured on The Today Show

April 19, 2011

Red light cameras are all about the money, but some cities are finding that they cut really terrible deals with Redflex or ATS. So terrible that, in fact, they are losing money on the schemes.

An attorney in Broward County Florida has made a business of challenging the tickets, and according to the video, has won every case. Quoted, “They didn’t anticipate that people like myself would be coming to court, fighting the cases and winning.”

There are many other great thoughts from citizens, activists and city officials in this piece.

<read more>

Red Light Camera Protests Break Out All Over Florida

April 18, 2011

On April 12th, multiple groups, including Campaign for Liberty, held simultaneous protests all over the state of Florida.

A year after lawmakers passed a law allowing cities to install them a bill to ban the system completely is moving through state legislature.

The video below has great news clips from several stations all over the state. Concerned citizens of Florida, we salute you!

Make sure to call your representative today in favor of Florida SB 672!


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